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"Sina Care" is a Swedish Med-Tech startup that since 2017 act as a private care service provider. Our belief is that the well-being of the future is created through preventive health care. Our mission is to contribute relevant knowledge about how the whole company feels on the inside so you can understand, improve and monitor your health over time. We want to help you detect early signs of ill health in the work environment, protect particularly sensitive people and check that the employee has sufficient physical or mental ability to perform their duties in the best possible way. By shifting the focus from reactive to preventive health care, the risk of acute sick leave, staff turnover and lost profitability is reduced.

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Telehealth is an endless area that boost tremendously  during COVID-19 pandemic and shows the necessity of digital platform as a part of solution. To be able to tackle crises with minimum damage it is necessary to make sure the doctor and patients have same experience remotely and all related data are available to help doctors make their decision. 

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